Bottisham Sports Centre

Martial Arts Cross-Training for Fitness, Fun, and Self Defence.
Our instructors at Cambridge Academy have over 100 years of martial arts experience between them training at high levels in Kali-Silat, Sambo, Hapkido, Judo, and more!
We are pleased to welcome everyone, beginner or experienced martial artist, and to offer you a tried and tested blend of Stand-up, Striking, Joint Locks, Holds and Counters, Take-downs, and Ground-work!

Morgan Alexander, an Instructor at the Academy, recently competed in the 2016 Savate Assaut World Championships and Canne de Combat World Championships. Forty countries participated in the championships, which were both held in Varazdin, Croatia.

In Savate Assaut, the objective is to make contact with ones opponent, using a variety of kicks and punches, ideally without the opponent scoring against you. Assaut bouts are judged on demonstrating superior technical skills and ability, including scoring points by making contact.